An Experiential, One Day Workshop Bringing Horses & Work Teams Together

Put some horse power behind your team through this program designed for companies and leaders, who want their team to think together, resolve conflict together, and generate possibilities together. Gain insight as members inspire each other and maintain accountabilities together. Through interactive exercises with horses, teams can refine their goals and practice effective ways of leading.

Equine Clarity exercises are dramatic and transformative. Directly relevant themes for your team will be custom designed into the program. Themes may include:

  • Learning for continuous improvement
  • Refining goals and alignment
  • Building spirit and sharing leadership for exciting possibilities
  • Honoring emotional intelligence and nonverbal communication skills
  • Developing trust and cohesiveness
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Acknowledgement

“The Unbridle Your Team workshop was a seminal point in the evolution and development of our team. It put us on a new trajectory and 6 months later we are still discovering things about each other and ourselves as a result of the work we did together.”

Andrew Lutowicz, President LCS Workplace Furnishings

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