You don’t come to coaching if you want things to stay the same

Due to our lives being lived at ‘lightening’ speed with technology, how do you decide what to embrace and what to let go of? The Coaching Room believes that all parts of your life – your career, relationships, recreation, personal growth and finances – are interrelated and are addressed as such. We coach the whole person, through 1:1 coaching and/or group workshops.

One-on-One Programs

Co-active Coaching

Co-active Coaching is a unique, proactive alliance. We work together as equals to meet your needs. Curiosity is more important than specialized knowledge and as a coach, I believe you are naturally creative, resourceful, whole, capable to find answers to your challenges. My job is to ask questions, listen, empower, rather than inform and advise.

Shamanic Coaching

There comes a time in everyone’s life when that aspect of ‘you’ chooses to be healed. Soul retrievals are a way to heal, to recover from suffering and regain your spiritual essence, your soul. Most people suffer from a sense of incompleteness, emptiness.  Have you sensed a part of you is missing, cut off from a deep connection with life or yourself? Soul retrievals can help.

Horse Power Life Coaching

My approach is one of “walking a journey from head to heart.” Imagine the journey including the heart of a horse! Being in the presence of a horse can naturally connect you to your deepest self, taking you to the heart of the matter … your heart! One of the gifts horses offer is their ability to mirror, to reflect feelings back to you to bring awareness to your mental state.

Conscious Grace

Conscious Grace is an intensive horse experience to evoke your life force through the healing power of horses and co-active coaching. We will take you through a personal journey of growth in alignment with nature and horses. Cultivate your deep personal power and strengthen your internal grace, transforming your spirit and your life.

Group Programs

Authentic Horse

Authentic Horse is a day designed to re-connect you to your natural, authentic way to BE in the world, away from the everyday grind, realigning with your inner compass. Horses offer a mirroring effect to deepen your awareness to your authentic self. We provide Equine Facilitated Coaching exercises with earth based nature experiences, to deepen your authentic self.

Equine Clarity

Equine Clarity Certification Program is a 10-month training program in Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching and provides the capacity to acquire a certificate in Life Skills Coach Training merged with Equine Facilitated Learning principles. Participants will successfully complete three core competencies and a final assessment by the facilitation/coaching team.

Unbridle Your Team

Put some horse power behind your team with this program designed for companies and leaders that want their team to think, resolve conflict and generate possibilities together. Gain insight as members inspire each other and maintain accountabilities together. Through interactive exercises with horses, teams can refine their goals and practice effective ways of leading.

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