Put a Little Horsepower into Your Life!

I’ve often said, the coaching approach I use is one of “walking a journey from head to heart.” Imagine the journey including the heart of a horse! Being in the presence of a horse can naturally connect you to your deepest self, taking you to the heart of the matter…your heart! One of the gifts offered through horses is their ability to become a mirror. Horses reflect moment-to-moment feelings back to you.

As animals with extremely large and sensitive guts and hearts, horses’ exhibit heightened emotional perception, and they tell the truth.

The experience can bring about spiritual interpretation through the profound stillness present when working with horses.

Through the love and safety of coaching with the horses you will complete your awareness. You will create clarity for your life and will know where to put your attention and move in that direction with conviction and purpose.

The horse’s heart is as wide as the world, taking you to unlimited heights. In their presence you’ll find peace and stillness. Co-active coaching with the horse will inspire and catapult your heart’s desires. For it’s there you will find your clarity.

“I left with the feeling of absolute inner peace and joy, that can only be described as skipping in the meadow as a child, with not a care in the world.”


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