The horse’s heart is as wide as the world. In their presence, you’ll find stillness and peace.

Horses have a heightened awareness. They sense beyond what you’re saying and thinking to what you’re experiencing in your body and spirit. The way they respond to us reveals truths about our emotions and behaviours and can offer valuable lessons in how to release what is no longer serving us.

When you arrive at the barn, we’ll take some time to talk about what’s coming up for you that day. As we chat, there’s often one horse who steps forward to work with you. I will guide you as you work intimately with them, deepening your awareness of your own heart, creating an opportunity to heal and connect with your inner knowing.

With the help of horse, you’ll experience powerful insights and learn to develop new behaviours and beliefs to support you as you step forward into the life you desire.

Experience growth with The Coaching Room
“I had no idea that I would connect so deeply and profoundly to what my heart was trying to tell me but my head refused to listen to. The learning I received from Spirit, my horse, and the exercises we did, has continued long after the day ended. Thank you Susan. You are magical!”
– Patti M.