Co-Active coaching helps you grow and evolve in new ways, to uncover and embrace your authentic self.

In these days of cell phones and social media, we live our lives at lightning speed. When you’re moving fast, and the world is moving even faster, how do you find the space and presence to tune into your innate wisdom and decide what to embrace and what to let go of?

Co-active coaching is a unique, proactive alliance where curiosity is more important than specialized knowledge – where asking questions, listening and empowering is more important than informing and advising. We’ll work together as equals, because you are a naturally creative, resourceful, whole person, who is capable of finding the answers to your challenges. All parts of your life – your career, relationships, recreation, personal growth and finances – are interrelated and that’s how we’ll address them.

This approach is not about small, incremental changes. It’s about transformational change. The next phase in your evolution. I’ll help you to increase your self-knowledge, awareness, and resilience so that together, we can explore the things that bring you to life.

A delicate lilac branch grows at The Coaching Room
“Susan Morel is a skilled coach with the sensitivity and warmth necessary to make her clients feel safe. At the same time, her strength and ability to push her clients is crucial in helping her clients move forward. Susan has been a tremendous gift to have in my life, and with her help, I have become stronger and more confident in everything I do. She has changed my life.” 
– Allison C.