Authentic Horse. A spirit day with nature and horses

Authentic Horse is a day designed to re-connect you to your natural, authentic way to BE in the world, away from the everyday grind, realigning with your inner compass. Horses offer a mirroring effect to deepen your awareness to your authentic self. We provide Equine Facilitated Coaching exercises with earth based nature experiences, to deepen your authentic self. You will be immersed in Mother Nature and horses, and indulge in all they have to offer.

  • Be immersed in Mother Nature’s healing balm
  • Connect to the free spirited, mirroring energy of horses
  • Create a space for your authentic inner peace
  • Experience horse interactions and deep connection
  • Discover a deeper authenticity through the way of the horse
  • Reconnect to your natural way to be in the world

“I had no idea that I would connect so deeply and profoundly to what my heart was trying to tell me but my head refused to listen to. The learning I received from Spirit, my horse, and the exercises we did, has continued long after the day ended. Thank you Susan. You are magical!”


Become one with nature, and yourself

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