The second half of life can be a time when we truly come to know who we are, and find meaning.

When we encounter our soul, we are obliged to make real choices with real consequences, creating and affirming our value system. My choice was coaching – to help people walk a journey from head to heart.

I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, trained through The Coaches Training Institute, an Accredited Life Skills Coach Facilitator, (A.L.S.C.O), a Certified Practitioner of Equine Facilitated Learning, and a Shamanic Practitioner, trained at the Ehama Institute in New Mexico. I combine these skills with my natural abilities to create a safe and sacred environment for transformational and sustainable change.

The turtle from The Coaching Room

“To thine own self be true.”

William Shakespeare

Co-activity is about real connection, self-awareness, intimacy and listening deeply to nurture others. I draw on co-active coaching to help individuals, couples and groups balance ‘being’ and ‘doing’, thereby spring-boarding both a deeper connection and broader fulfillment in life.

Equine facilitated learning incorporates the healing energy of horses into my coaching. My deep connection to horses has called me all my life. The equine connection powers my soul’s desire for lifelong learning and wellness.

An inukshuk symbolizes community at The Coaching Room
The Coaching Room Red Tail Woman
As a Shamanic practitioner, I am first and foremost, a humble student. Growing up on the shores of Georgian Bay, my playground was the forest, sunshine, rocks, water and animals. This connection to the natural world is at the heart of my work. Shamanism, to me, is the practice of natural healing through the elements. Studying at Ehama Institute in New Mexico, I learned my medicine name Red Tail Woman and it was witnessed within my tribe. I continue to deepen my learning through the grace of my guides and with the Medicine Circle. Shamanism has awakened my sovereign path, of which I am forever grateful.

I am inspired by the human potential and believe fully in the capacity of my clients to achieve. My love for people creates unyielding bonds with the individuals I work with.

“Shamanism is the gift of illuminating the dark corners of our lives and the ties that bind us. This can free us to experience a fuller life. Susan Morel has this gift. She has honed this ability through her own life journey, and she shares her knowledge with her clients. She has coached me in visioning my own spiritual depths. We have journeyed together to find hidden truths from my ancestral lineage, which have shone light into my life-long emotional conflicts. And I now carry the strength and support of spirit animals and personal guides through her work with me. Susan is skilled in holding space that is kind and caring.”
– K.E.H.