Recover from suffering and return to balance and peace

Turbulent emotional shifts in our adult years can cut us off from a deep connection to our life or ourselves. These spiritual challenges cause disease in the body and the mind. But there comes a time in life when we choose to be healed and look for ways to recover from trauma and suffering. I can help you return to balance, so you can live a life filled with peace and good health.

I help you reconnect to your deepest self, so you can take the lead in your life.

I draw on my skills as a counselor and co-active coach, the healing energy of horses, and the ancient practice of shamanism to evoke and free your wild soul. Whether we meet face-to-face, by zoom, or by phone, I’ll help you create clarity for your life so you know where to put your attention and can move forward with conviction and purpose.

Susan Morel, The Coaching Room
A sunflower opens to the sun in The Coaching Room
Red Tail Hawk The Coaching Room

“When I came to Susan, I had a tremendous amount of physical and emotional pain. I was lost, sad, and disconnected, like there were parts of myself I couldn’t reach. Layer by layer, Susan helped me process my emotions, move the pain that had me stuck, and reconnect with who I am and what I value. Our sessions with the horses and the Shamanic practices and wisdom that she’s shared with me have changed how I stand in this world. I don’t know where I’d be if Susan hadn’t been there, standing with me.”

– Carolyn H.

“Working with Susan has impacted my life in subtle yet powerful ways. I feel more grounded, focused on what’s important to me and confident in my choices.”
Patti M.

“Susan has been a tremendous gift to have in my life, and with her help, I have become stronger and more confident in everything I do.”
Allison C.

“I left with the feeling of absolute inner peace and joy, that can only be described as skipping in the meadow as a child, with not a care in the world.”

Journey from your head to your heart

When we experience trauma and suffering, it can leave us feeling disconnected, empty, and incomplete.

With coaching you will remember your resilience and inner knowing. You will reignite your sympathetic resonance for yourself and return to the natural rhythms of seasons; reclaiming your soulful journey. By truly coming to know who you are, you can create a more ‘considered’ life – one that considers your joys, your hurt, your needs and especially your wants.

We often know what we don’t want. I’m here to support what you truly do want for your life.