Who I am: Susan Grace Morel

I am a natural coach, with innate abilities. My natural curiosity about this life and us as human beings has driven me. I have been a coach (in a sense) my entire life. I coached my teenage friends growing up, I coached groups of women, I coached my children’s baseball teams, I coached my friends, colleagues, and I’d coach my family, if they’d let me!

I am passionate about personal development. I am always amazed when I am triggered to unearth a new understanding about myself even when it is tough to do. I become diligent in excavating the knowledge to learn about ‘me’ and why ‘I’ do what I do. And the development of my skills as a Life Coach has supported this journey.

What do I do:

I am a ‘Co-active Life Coach.’ Co-activity is about real connection, self awareness, intimacy and listening deeply to and the nurturing of others. I combine my skills as a Certified Co-active Coach and counseling abilities to provide individuals an experience of taking the lead in their lives by consciously choosing they’re life direction. I walk a journey with people to learn to balance the ‘being’ and the ‘doing’ of life, spring-boarding individuals, couples and groups into both deeper connection and broader fulfillment. Transformational and sustainable change is my vocation.

What moves me:

My heart’s passion is the development of the human being. I thrive on self awareness and strongly lead my own vision and that of the people I am in service of. I am inspired by the human potential and believe fully in the capacity of my clients to achieve. My love for people creates unyielding bonds with the individuals I work with.

My deep connection to horses has called me all my life. And, I didn’t always listen to that calling. However, LIFE has cycled horses back to me permanently now. I incorporate the healing energy of horses to assist as 4 legged coaches in my work. I am eager to share this healing modality with others. The equine connection powers my soul’s desire for lifelong learning and wellness.

My children, as ultimate teachers, have brought me the ‘humbleness’ of my humanity. For this I am forever grateful…

Where am I going:

I follow the energy of ‘YES’ in my life. If my choice is not a 100% yes, then it’s a ‘NO’. I try to live by the motto ‘To thine own self be true’…this ensures I am acknowledging my values and living fully into them. I am a lifelong learner. I will enhance myself & my professional development until the day I die! I can’t wait to see what life adventure is next on my horizon!

When am I connected:

LOVE connects me to the world I live in and beyond. I allow the natural beauty of nature and the universal energy to guide my spirit in the direction it thirsts for…mostly it’s to live in peace and to love unabashedly.

What you may be curious to know about me:

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, trained through The Coaches Training Institute. www.thecoaches.com As well, I am an Accredited Life Skills Coach Facilitator, (A.L.S.C.O). My passion is enhancing the human potential through 1:1 Life Coaching and group development. In group workshops participants walk away from an energetic and enriching experience, prepared to move on change!

Over the past 25 years I have trained over 300 Life Skills Coaches from a broad range of counseling disciplines, teaching, social work, and personal coaching. I have thrived in a vocation of counseling and training, working in the field of family violence and career counseling, as well as a extensive experience in organizational leadership in the non-profit & private sectors. I am a lifelong learner, acquiring an Adult Education Certificate, and completing The Coaches Training Institute Core Co-Active Coaching Curriculum and Certification. The Co-Active Coaching technique provided me with the skill set to hold my clients as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole human beings. More recently I became a Certified Practitioner of Equine Facilitated Learning, tapping into my horse crazy passion and marrying that with coaching for human development. I possess powerfully sensitive intuition enabling my clients the space for their own internal “knowing” to be brought forth in a safe, supportive and loving environment. And, now I partner with a horse to assist you on your journey…


Angela Gallienne

"Susan, the imagery and intuition that you brought felt like an amazing mutual journey. I feel like there is so much untapped potential in our minds, so many answers and I thank you for being the muse and drawing these visions to life."

Allison Challis

"Susan Morel is a skilled coach with the sensitivity and warmth necessary to make her clients feel safe. At the same time, her strength and ability to push her clients is crucial in helping her clients move forward. Susan Has been a tremendous gift to have in my life, and with her help, I have become stronger and more confident in everything I do. The Coaching Room has changed my life."